Charting a move

Weather and climate

The climate has been a little wobbly lately — First, The New York Times tells what risks are around already:

New York Times — Every Place Has Its Own Climate Risk. What Is It Where You Live?
ProPublica — New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States
Weather Spark — temperature comparison of Miami, New York and Palo Alto
Weather Spark — Temperature throughout the year in various hours of the day
Weather Spark — Muggy on a good day


California is famous of earthquakes, or rather, the impending doom of them. While we‘re waiting, the government (United States Geological Survey) has this interactive map showing various kinds of fault lines that attract shakes:

USGS —Where’s Los Angeles behind the fault lines

Schools & living

Done with nature and found a preferred state to live in? Next in the list is — school systems! Niche is a school ranking website showing the best schools in a county or state.

Niche — Siri, find me the best public school in San Francisco
Niche — I’m a retiree and I want city life in America for some reason — where do I move?

Finding a place to live

This post is not about property search; but in the interest of completeness, Redfin (best search), Zillow (best coverage in rural areas), Realtor (status quo) is plenty to pick from. When in doubt, Redfin is good; it also has a data center with a lot of property-related charts.

HowLoud — White House is loud!
Walk Score — walk spots in Palo Alto and neighboring towns
Travel Time Map —Get to work within 15 minutes at 8:30
NeighborhoodScout — A rather low quality crime heatmap

Everything is almost perfect

Found your ideal place, but don’t know how the shadows will be like throughout the day? ShadowCalculator, a website that works world wide, calculates exactly that. Just draw the building, set the time, and presto:

ShadowCalculator — casts shadows



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